UASHZK Delegation Participated in United Nations International Meeting on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems in Vienna, Austria, 5th - 9th December, 2022

UN Office of Outer Space Affairs (OOSA) organised togenther with the UN International Committee on GNSS (ICG) its annual workshop on the applications on Global Navigation Satellite Systems in the UN premises in Vienna, Austria, 5th - 9th Decmber, 2022. According to the organisers,  the meeting has been organised to ‘ … contribute to international cooperation by providing opportunity to exchange updated information on the use of GNSS technology and its applications. The specific objectives of this meeting and the expected outcomes are: increase awareness among decision makers and representatives of research and academic community about on-going activities and trends in the use of GNSS technology, applications and services; Review of on-going and planned initiatives as well as case studies that could contribute to the wider use of GNSS technology and its applications, including the possibility of one or more national, regional and international pilot projects, in which interested institutions could incorporate the use of GNSS technology; Identify a functional partnership that could be established in order to promote the use of GNSS and its applications, as well as recommend how such a partnership could be established through voluntary actions that could include Governments, international organizations and other relevant stakeholders; Define recommendations and findings to be forwarded as a contribution to the ICG.

University of Applied Sciences Hrvatsko Zagorje Krapina (UASHZK) traditionally participates to the UN ICG and UN OOSA meetings, presenting its research results, extending the existing and forming new partnerships and collaborations on the international basis, and contribute to knowledge development and transfer in the important segment and technology of satellite navigation. Delegation from UASHZK participated in the recent United Nations International Meeting on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems with presentation of research results and agreements on bilateral  research and knwledge transfer activities with numerous participants from all over the world. The UASHZK delegation was led by dean Nenad Sikirica, Sr Lecturer, who participated to sessions, and held bi-lateral discussions on collaboration with the UN African Regional Centre for Space Science, Technology, and Education in Nabuja, Nigerija, the already established partner of UASHZK, and with representatives of Japan, Italy, Indonesia, Finland, and UK. Additionally, peparatory meeting was held with the UN ICG representatives on the subject of Baška SIF Meeting the UASHZK organises next year in Baška, Krk Island, Croatia. Dean Sikirica expressed satisfaction with the results of numerous discussions, which expand the international academic collaboration and visibility of UASHZK.

As it is the case with all the UN meetings and workshops, materials presented during United Nations International Meeting on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems are availbale freely at:


Objavio: Ivica Zubić
Datum objave: 15.12.2022.